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I just felt like doing the "omg wondrous cookie" dance.
-- Sae the Strange
!!that's not your social security card, !@#$%^gon jumps, !@#$%and killua kills, !@#$and leolio dies, !@#and kurapika trips, !@and hisoky cries, !and satotsu speeds, !that's someone's stomach!, "you're the greatest!", A-TA-SHI!, MONSTAA!,  !!!!1, (ಠvಠ), 1213789218390218390121 |8's, 8o| on msn, :)))));;;;;;;;, ;(!!, a living breather, ahh yes!, aiji is so british, asch's secrets to success, asch=the angry chef, ayu putting windchimes on her cellphone, ayu that's really noisy!, ayu u so funny, bahahahaha, braces ohyeahh, chaaaazz bababa, chain's manly "oooooo!", class change=judgement, cleaning... so lolarious, conquering fairmont hotsprings resort, cookie's at your house, cookie's in your window!, creepytastic, cutecake, di bwi di, do you aim to please?!, evolution wooooooorlds, firrre!, franklin the murderer, gary what, get out of my kitchen!, getyourgameon lol yugioh gx, god is busy and may not reply., i am talking to...you, i can't believe it!, i cannnot have any same interests, i cannot stooooop, i h8 だなぁ, i love spidering!, iiiiiiiiiiiiiit's franklin, ikkiface, is adding more interests, is so fun, is this... world regeneration...?, jonathaning hotel employees lol, just as i had previously speculated, kairi's not-so-sekrit ebil, kairi's not-so-sekrit planz, killing mama!, leeeemmyyyy, lololol hunter x hunter, ma good fring chiyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, mag food, mahavailo killing kana's lifepoints, male female or pilgrim?, many many many wiis, maybe you should unwatch that community, ms.accord kills everyone, my kitchen, naisu na ouji, nananananaisu boato, never bawing, never come back wakka, noise police, not excluding you, ohh horrors...!, omomnomnom, over 50 interests heckyes, photochap, puyo puyo valentine's cards, quiet cup cake!, reyson is yggdrasiil-bird-man, rhys doing a :), riku eating waffles, roxas eating poptarts, scring ppl w/ lepruhkahnz, selphie's sekrit fangirl ring, silly boy!, sora eating pancakes, sora you silly, soren rescuing reyson, speeeeeeeeeep, spidering businessmenz, spidering hotel employees, stop iiiiiiit!!!!, tastytastic, tee hee!!! hee., teletubbies kill, the Breathers, the back o yo' head is redikulus!, the ever watchful mr.peeky, the face becomes a disc-shaped dent, the flying smile, the noo noo...!, the sun was in my eyes!!!, the tikis! the tikis!, there you are *shoots*, those were my best shrimpbutts!, tiki face, tropical vacation with alice nine!!, victim #23, we want wiis and wiis and wiis, wiis and wiis and wiis and wiis, wiki-kiki-kiki wiki-kiki-kiki, yes.!, you ain't goin' nowhere, you are a huge :) young man, you cannot escape you little beast, you fools!!&@*@, you will not hinder me!, ¯\('_')/¯, ¯\(º_o)/¯ clan, ⊙çಠ 鬼ー! you won't escape -悪魔 より